The Truth Behind Psychic and Spiritual Mediums

If a person wants to remain as a spiritual medium, psychic medium or any sensitive medium, then he/she needs to practice to communicate with spirits or afterlife beings. A psychic medium does not use a medium reader, but he/she can be observed as a psychic. This is the difference between a psychic and the medium. It is essential to know about this well before starting a case or intriguing in such work.

A psychic advisor will tune the energy of people and other unseen objects to tell about one’s present, future and past. They simply rely on their natural gifts and their intuitive precognition to gather useful messages and information for the clients. As a medium, the person would take every step in a very careful way than a usual person do. They take advantages of their own abilities and try to tune the spirit energy fields in order to serve their surrounding customers.

Spiritual medium connect the living with the person who is no more alive. The deceased would provide information and guidance to the living being. The medium will deliver spiritual instruction from deceased. It is said to be most common practice for a psychic medium. There are cases, where the medium talks to heavenly beings through their telepathy skills.

Things to know before going for a medium session

Mediums have the talent to see a ghost in their naked eyes. But spirits would not be willing to display themselves to a psychic or spiritual reader. In such case, the reading would be interpreted on site.

Ghosts have the capacity to communicate with the mediums. Mediums can listen to the spiritual guidance and information words from the spirits. The advisor will learn the whole communication process in their mind.

Some mediums use their inner sense to communicate with spirits through telepathy. The message would be sent from the spirits mind.

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Using Clairvoyant Medium for a Psychic Reading

Are you interested to communicate with your departed loved one? Have you ever thought to clarify your doubts with a deceased as he/she is responsible for your present situation? Well, it is good to consider to clairvoyant medium when consulting for a psychic reading.


Psychics who interpret through clairvoyant medium are highly gifted. They possess the clairvoyant abilities which they could see things clearly beyond their five senses. Being a medium, they serve as an intermediate person between the spiritual world of the departed and present earthly world that we live. You may wonder what information does the clairvoyant conveys in a spiritual or psychic reading.


There are several mediums where the psychic can make use of. But among the others, the clairvoyant medium is widely used as it helps to communicate information and messages from deceased loved ones. They connect the lost one’s family by sharing and communicating messages. The clairvoyant medium has the talent to connect with angels, energetic beings and other spirit guides for assistance and guidance. One website we found offers tons of psychic reading information called Virtual Rush –


The psychic clairvoyants will tune and convey the client’s past, future and present to give meaning to their reading. They have the talent to predict future in advance through their psychic vision.  They can read the human feelings and emotions that are invisible. The energy around a person tells the clairvoyant about things that they don’t know about themselves, how they are living on the present life on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.


Here, once again clearly explaining the differences as most people confused with other mediums. Psychic clairvoyants are those who discern information using their sixth sense. The other types of psychic mediums are clairaudience and clairsentience. Clairaudients use their voice and hearing sense to share and communicate the message from a living person to the person of the other world. They interpret by hearing voices and sounds of the departed souls.

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